Long Term Rental

Our Rental Loan Processing Requirements

Don’t get held up on your funding. Our Long-Term Rental Processing requirements make our loan processing as seamless and easy as possible.

Processing Your Rental Loan

What We Need:

  • Completed application

  • Engagement contract/term sheet signed and completed

  • Articles of Incorporation (Corporation) or Articles of Organization (LLC) that has been stamped and filed with the applicable Secretary of State

  • Operating Agreement for all associated entities (fully-executed)

  • Certified true copy or copy of recorded Deed (Refinance); or signed property purchase contract (Purchase)

  • Homeowner’s insurance policy and proof of payment or billing information. See Patch Lending Homeowner’s Insurance Requirements

  • Bank statement from previous month (all pages) and, if necessary, additional investment statements (i.e. investment accounts, 401ks, etc.) showing proof of funds to verify the higher of 20% of the purchase price; and 6 months of interest payments

  • Rent Roll/Lease Agreement(s)

  • Entity’s EIN

  • Current driver’s licenses for all entity members

  • Borrower’s attorney information (if applicable)