About Us

We keep things simple, fast, and friendly.

We started with a dream of using leading-edge technology to empower everyday real estate investors. It worked.

Patch Lending (formerly known as Patch of Land) has a legacy as an innovative, progressive Fintech company that was founded on the premise that the JOBS Act of 2012 would create dynamic new opportunities for businesses and ordinary Americans. A start-up created in 2013 with a simple mission to help build wealth and grow communities; Patch was obsessed with challenging the status quo and democratizing access to one of this country’s greatest asset classes. As one of the first real estate Crowdfunding platforms established in the U.S., Patch was intent on making it possible for ordinary Americans to invest in real estate in ways that had previously been limited to only very high-net worth investors.

Patch was founded on vision, foresight, and a little bit of luck. We started out in the early days of the housing recovery, which proved to be a textbook example of being in the right place at the right time. It was the perfect environment for launching a company aimed at empowering real estate investors with the technology, resources, service, and a variety of lending options.

Since then, we’ve helped fund thousands of properties. We like to think we’ve leveled the playing field by helping real estate investors access one of America’s greatest asset classes. And while we’ve grown along the way, we’ve kept our basic approach the same: fast, friendly—and simple(r).

Our Mission

Our mission is to leverage technology to replace slow, inefficient real estate lending with easy, fast and transparent funding that is open to a broader range of investors and projects — specifically those looking for a simple(r) financing solution.

We’re different. That’s the point.

The goal of most lenders is to execute (or reject) a transaction. At Patch, we’re here to help build wealth and grow communities. If you’re an experienced real estate investor, we’ll do what it takes to propel you ahead. If you’re just getting established, we’ll help you avoid pitfalls and continue growing your business. Other things we do differently:

  • We’re 100% transparent, 100% of the time

  • We fund projects that others might overlook

  • We’re a direct lender—all the work happens here

  • Our team is diverse, energetic and eager to serve

Stop being treated like a transaction. Start being treated like a person.

We make it possible to get funding for projects that might otherwise be overlooked by traditional funding sources. If you’re ready to start your next project, let’s talk. You’ll like what you hear.