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5 Ways to Help You Create an Energy Efficient Property During Your Next Renovation Project

  • April 22, 2022

When it comes to renovating your property have you thought of ways you could make your property more energy-efficient? Creating an environmentally friendly property will help the environment and add to the selling point when you’re ready to place the property on the market. This added effort adds value and reduces utility costs for the property owner.

Here are 5 things you can do during your next renovation to create a more energy-efficient property.

Check for Water Intrusions

Sometimes it’s hard to know if a property has a water leak until there is a huge storm that will cause it to appear. Even so, there may be hidden leaks behind appliances that you would never know about. When you’re renovating your property be sure to check every corner and behind every appliance for signs of water damage.

Lower Your Water Usage by Installing a More Efficient Water Heater

Speaking of water, when you waste water, you’re also wasting energy. Consider installing a high-efficiency or solar water heater on your property. This will allow hot water to move faster into the pipes, eliminating the wait time of getting hot water when you need it, especially in the shower.

Use Minimal Framing

If you’re planning to add in new walls, find out the minimal amount of framing your building code allows and try to use the minimum. This will not only save you on lumber but will give your contractor the ability to add more insulation between studs and in turn increase the energy efficiency of your property.

Install New HVAC Ducts to Heated Areas

In most places, HVAC ducts are installed in areas that are unheated such as the basement or attic. Consider installing these ducts in a heated or cooled area. This will allow the system to work less when trying to heat or cool your property. If this is not an option, talk to an HVAC specialist about insulating your ducts.

Insulate Around Your Recessed Lights

When installing recess lights make certain that the electrician properly insulates the area around the lights to eliminate any air leaks.

We hope these tips help you during your next renovation.